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About Us

About Us



A pre-school is the child’s first experience away from the parents and it’s a huge leap for both the parent and the child. We ensure to provide a safe and fun based learning environment with emphasis on a child’s development making it the ideal out of home experience.

We aim to provide a safe and valued environment where children's rights and needs are respected, verified and protected.

 At ForestKids International Preschool we believe, 

Every child has his own way ; each child's learning pace and method is respected.

At school, children are encouraged to do everything themselves, to experience life and to solve every problem by themselves. Trustworthy to children's potential.

Not all children can draw the same picture or make the same product. Each child's development is unique. For this reason, standard assessment scales are not used in our school.

We accept the child as ‘rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent, and most of all connected to adults and other children. A strong child image, a multi-role teacher, a rich and educational environment, strong relationships, project-based learning are the outstanding principles of our school. Teachers, in collaboration with the school psychologist, prepare study subjects appropriate to the age and developmental levels of the children, their curiosity, needs and interests.

There is a full-time psychologist (Pedogista) at the school who facilitates the developmental tasks of the children. Self-control, emotion regulation, peer communication, empathy, social skills of children etc. She is also responsible for ensure that differentiation among children’s learning styles and emotional needs are met by classroom teachers. The pedogista provide ongoing support to teachers to improve their capacities for observing and listening to children, documenting projects and conducting their own research.

We spend at least 50 mins everyday in the garden,  in any weather, with appropriate clothing.










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